Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Value Depot Webstore Options & Pricing

You heard me talk about it and it is almost here. The new Big Value Depot webstore are about to hit the mainstream. Everyone for car dealers to antique shops and people who put on home parties of any kind will be able to fully customize their store to their own liking. This is huge, and at a fraction of the price Ebay charges. Here is a list of the options that will be available.

Store Packages Details:

1.) Bronze Store: $29.95/Month

-25 Monthly Listings
-Overage: 15% discount
-Favorite Links-1

2.) Silver Store: $49.95/Month

-50 Monthly Listings
-Overage: 25% discount
-Favorite Links-2

3.) Gold Store: $79.95/Month

-100 Monthly Listings
-Overage: 40% discount
-Favorite Links-3
-Mid Level Store Rotation on Main store page

4.) Platinum Store: $129.95/Month

-250 Monthly Listings
-Overage: 50% discount
-Favorite Links-3
-Top Level Store Rotation on Main store page

Get excited, this is going to make everyone who gets one some great profits! THese are very affordable for everyone who has something to sell online. Imagine the exposure you can have with your own customizable webstore.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great News For Big Ticket Depot

New webstores are coming to Big Ticket and Big Value Depot and will be very popular among business owners. From car lots to antique dealers, to flea maket operators and vendors, this is going to be something that will appeal to anyone who is trying to sell something either online or off. It is time to get excited because the big roll out is about to happen. At the reduced rate that we will be charging for listing fees, this is going to bring people onboard in a big way. We have already got a two thumbs up from some Ebay power sellers who have tried or system. CLICK THE LINK BELOW NOW

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