Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Programming In The Works For BVD

We have been working closely with the programmer who has developed this automatic MULTI-POSTING miracle program over the past few weeks. We have now added 2 exciting features that are going to boost the popularity of this program..

Here they are..

1. There will be a domain that will be STRICTLY for Real Estate ad posts..This web page will be WHERE you will send BVD clients who want to sell real estate (MILLIONS OF HOMES FOR SALE!) and they will be able to post their real estate listing, click a few buttons and WALA..It will be MULTI-POSTED on thousands of sites that have REAL ESTATE listings (Craigs List and thousands of others!). Imagine the VALUE a Realtor will put on this and YOU will be the first to share this with the millions of realtors world wide!

2. A Site that is for VEHICLE ads…You will be among the first people to share a site that will enable a car dealer or a private seller to post the details about the auto they are selling and WALA! That ad will post on BVD, Craigs List and thousands of other sites that have AUTO listings!

These are just TWO categories that will be focussed on besides the actual integration of BVD with ALL the categories! What this will do is help you have something that NOBODY else will have and SHOW people who desperately want something like this where to get it (THRU YOU!).

Progress, Progress, and MORE Progress is being made EVERYDAY and we are marching towards the goal of integrating this software with BVD’s already strong engine. This WILL be what takes this company to the top..

Another factor?

HUNDREDS of individual DOMAINS that MIRROR BVD..When the BVD Portal Pro is unleashed (and everyone will have one!) this company will get INSTANT coverage world wide!

What I have described above is GOING to happen. This programming is happening right now. We are moving forward and it is vital that everyone keeps their eye on the long term prize…

We will keep you updated on progress and look forward to unleashing the beta version to this team!