Thursday, December 30, 2010

26 Reasons why 2011 will be The Year of BVD

The advent of Vortex Ad Blaster is by far the most exciting development to hit the online selling scene in the last decade. It is a BVD exclusive!

Our team realizes that, with excitement of change, comes a constant balancing of time and resources. We are experts at handling both.

This dynamic app is designed to enable members to sell faster and make life easier. It’s another BVD exclusive.

In 2011 the online selling community will see the major differences between BVD’s modern approach and that of all the other “old school” auction sites.
Between the combined members of the BVD executive team, there are decades of experience in marketing, design, programming, and multi-media.

BVD is the only company to offer sellers from around the world the opportunity to list 5 free items for life!

BVD’s laser-like focus on the work at hand has made us the fastest growing online auction site on the web!

Helping members to achieve their online dreams is what BVD is all about.

While BVD has introduced many innovations since coming on the scene, we vow never to rest on our creative laurels, always striving to improve our products and practices.

The BVD Corporate Team Communications blog offers a constant journal of all the latest developments, keeping members informed and excited every step of the way.
BVD knows that knowledge is power. For this reason, every member of our corporate team strives to stay on top of industry changes and developments.

The mark of a great company is great leadership. CEO, Joel Sauceda’s vision for BVD translates into a concerted plan for success, fueled by enthusiasm, encouragement and positive direction.

As online entrepreneurs around the world chant, “Show me the money!”, BVD gives members many ways to transform hard work into financial success.

BVD began with the needs of countless sellers who wanted a better and more affordable way to bring their goods to market. We have great respect for the mother of invention.

No one does SEO better than BVD. Every member’s personal portal benefits from our state-of-the-art approach to and knowledge of search engine optimization.

The granddaddy of lead generation, the Portal Pro provides a major advantage to your BVD business.

At BVD, our goal is to cause quality before we control it.

Our use of the magic of radio to communicate the BVD story, while providing our members a powerful audio toolbox, sets us apart from all the others.

BVD’s commitment to customer service through its support ticket system allows us to address customer questions, concerns, etc., quickly and efficiently.

BVD’s creative department is constantly working to produce unique tools that will further enhance the BVD experience.

BVD members are unified in their quest to succeed and enjoy the strength of thousands of like-minded winners.

This name was chosen for its powerful meaning. Just as nature and athletes use a V-shape or vortex to cut through the oncoming wind, BVD faces daily challenges with a razor sharp positive attitude.

At BVD we thirst for wisdom as much as knowledge realizing their difference: one helps you to make a living; the other helps you to make a life.

BVD’s “whatever it takes” attitude to make things happen may seem extreme to others, but to us, it’s just a way of life.

The most important member of the BVD Team is YOU. We are proud to have you in our lineup of web professionals.

As we welcome the New Year, you can rest assured that our zeal for delivering our absolute best is stronger than ever.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exclusive Listing Software- Free Trial

We will be uploading several new splash pages for pre-promoting the launch of the BVD (5) Free Listings with Ad Blaster FREE Trial! These splash pages will give you the opportunity to start building up several thousand FREE listing clients who will be able to use the AD blaster WITH their 5 FREE listings when AD blaster is released in the next 2 months! This is an offer that will go VIRAL and spread fast because of what it will offer the person who is listing items!

Think of all the people who will see the DIFFERENCE between BVD and EBAY or ANY other major online listing/classified site? Our site will be the ONLY site that will enable them to MULTI-POST their ads with the click of a few buttons and the completion of a few simple form fields! By April, I anticipate we will see at LEAST 100,000 FREE listing clients who will join to TRY this incredible system and that 100,000 could grow to MILLIONS when it is perfected!

Add to all this excitement, the launch of the CLICK IT & LIST IT BVD “Smart Phone APP” that will download to a person’s smart phone FREE of charge and they will be JOINING BVD through their PHONE! They will then be able to CLICK IT & LIST up to 5 items FREE for LIFE! The phone app will enable them to take up to 5 pictures and type in descriptive text about their item(s) and click a button on their phone to LIST the item for sale on BVD!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Value Depot VS. Ebay

It’s been said that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
That was certainly true in the case of Pierre Omidyar. In 1995 he was the first to successfully sell an item on eBay. It was a broken laser pointer, purchased for $14.83 by someone who collected similar items.
Omidyar may as well have shouted, “Eureka, I’ve found it!” What he had discovered was what many have found to be a most lucrative way to make a living: personally selling online.

Soon, other sites would follow. Amazon, Yahoo Auctions, and countless more have jumped on the web selling bandwagon, each with what they believe to be the perfect buyer/seller experience.
And, while many of these sites have peppered their programs with various promotions, it wasn’t until 2007 that new concept was introduced that would become the talk of the industry: free listings. Not just one, but five free listings…for life.

This has become the cornerstone of Since then, tens of thousands have enjoyed placing a myriad of items from bottle caps to boats and pens to planes. What Big Value Depot had to offer didn’t stop there. What if those who sold could introduce others to sell AND get paid for it? This creative combination has given traction to the fastest growing online selling site in the world.

The vision is simple: Give sellers and buyers a win-win that goes beyond the sale and continue to develop state-of-the-art tools to streamline the process. You might say that Big Value Depot is what Facebook is to email: a better experience. As 2011 approaches, the future is as bright as the morning sun with the advent of yet another improved concept destined to take personal online selling by storm: The Vortex AdBlaster.

Fasten your seatbelt. History is about to be made!