Monday, January 31, 2011


Good Afternoon!
If you are not already a member of Big Value Depot, I would highly recommend that you sign up now. It is free and easy to join this outstanding business. Follow the link at the end of this post.
The ad blaster development team has reached a break through moment.
Without getting too technical, the ad blaster software will be a hybrid of a website and software program. The exciting part is BVD users will be able to download a software that will auto-update with new classified sites, categories and function using the Internet and BVD users will still be able to benefit from the website aspect to track the ads as they are posted and view their traffic live!

This means that BVD blaster users are able to post their ads faster and get better results by using their own computer. This allows BVD ad blaster to grow to millions of users and you don’t have to “wait in line” for your ads to post.

By going this direction, the development team saved hundreds of hours of development time. Also, there is less strain on server resources on our side. It truly is a win-win for the entire team. The technology to perform this kind of project didn’t exist 2 years ago, so we are on the cutting-edge of creating something new – this is uncharted technology.

BVD members will be the first to try this technology and you are the first to know. That said, there will be millions of people that will want to know how to use the BVD blaster.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Is Your Dream For 2011

Everyone has a dream they wish could come true. What would your dream be if you could have anything you wanted?  For most people that dream is to have enough money they can quit their job and spend more time with their family and do the things they love to do.  Early in 2011 you will have a chance to make your dreams come true. CLICK HERE to get in early on this excellent opportunity.