Saturday, September 24, 2011

A quick update but great news! Today the programming team will be giving me a look at the new BVD look and process to test. The great news is we are at this stage! Just like the BVD smart phone app took time to get right, this is no different. This part of the re-birth of BVD is even MORE important than the smart phone APPS because this is what people on the web will see from their computers. Much time has been taken to prepare this and although it will be 100% better than what you presently have, we will ALWAYS be improving and adding features.
I have been asked about the Ad Blaster and here is a SOLID update on this. Robert (our partner developer) had some challenges in development but overcame those challenges and has a TEST version for us to try this week. The initial version (the TEST) will take a listing from BVD and AUTO-POST it to! This will be the model that will be used as we add up to 6000 (YES, SIX THOUSAND) classified and listing sites to the auto-post feature! The great news is this technology and process will NOT be copied by anyone because Robert and US are years ahead of any “competition”. You will have something to offer that people can NOT get anywhere else and will WANT. This opportunity can be joined by anyone who wants and NEEDS to make money.